The rules have changed

Due to the rapid changes in the world of management, leading organizations require modern tools to:
Effective decision-making
Management of potential resistance to these decisions
It also requires the participation of all work teams in order to make these decisions.

Our team of professional facilitators helps you to provide the necessary healthy environment for making such decisions, by designing and leading workshops and meetings according to the best specialized global methodologies.

Do I need a facilitator? Our services

Specialized in design and preparations of meetings and workshops

Our specialized team, which is accredited by international organizations in the field of facilitation, helps you to:

  • Design an integrated meetings and / or workshops that ensures achieving the goal and obtaining the desired outputs.
  • Prepare all logistical requirements (rooms, office materials, paper plates, custom designs...).
  • Leading meetings and workshops by professional facilitators.
  • Obtain an integrated report on the results of the meeting or workshop.

Long experience and various success stories inside and outside the Kingdom

A multilingual local and international team accredited by international organizations

Exclusive global partnerships with the best facilitation experts


We provide professional and certified facilitators to work with our clients to design, plan, prepare and facilitate meetings, workshops and events through templates, methodologies prepared in advance by experts in the areas of strategic planning and organizational development, or through specially designed templates and charts to meet your specific needs.

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Raise awareness

Through our management of the Saudi branch of the International Association of Facilitators IAF , we seek to raise awareness and increase interest in the field of facilitation, by providing workshops, lectures and specialized meetings in this field.

What makes us different?


Integrated team

We have an extensive network of facilitators who are fluent in Arabic and English, have excellent communication skills and are familiar with planning and development methodologies that enable them to lead meetings and workshops with high efficiency.


Experience in facilitation

Our long experience by leading many workshops and meetings for a number of governmental, private and charitable organizations helps us in providing the best solutions to our clients.


International models

We can design workshops and meetings using certified global models in the areas of planning and organizational development, by taking advantage of our exclusive partnerships with the most prestigious consulting, planning and facilitation firms.


Custom design

We can design workshops and meetings to meet your organization's requirements and achieve its own goals.


Tangible and intangible results

Our method of designing workshops and meetings takes into account obtaining tangible results (decisions, recommendations, ideas...) as well as obtaining intangible results (changing convictions, increasing commitment, raising awareness...).

Proud of our customers' trust

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